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Lin de Mol – Book of Determination


A unique artist’s book in which visual art and literature go together in a special way.

Author(s): Lin de Mol
Language: English
Pages: 118
Size: 175 x 225 mm
Edition: Hardcover with fabric
ISBN: 978-94-91182-20-4
Year: 2013
Publisher: Timmer Art books
Design: Lin de Mol

Lin de Mol’s “Book of Determination” is a unique artist’s book in which visual art and literature enter flow together. The texts are in English, author Lin de Mol’s second language. The book was a special project in which the artist not only provided the texts and drawings, but also the entire design of the book.

The book is a collection of drawings, a collection of short stories and a reference work in one. This artist’s publication is a collection of art and literature in which human desire, artistry and the magical properties of nature are in focus. In 16 stories, accompanied by 17 drawings, this kaleidoscopic book describes a transformation from solidity to transparency.

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