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Windhorse House

Life stories in the shadow of Tibet


Author(s): Myra de Rooy
Appeared on: April 22th 2021
Language: English
Pages: 240
Size: 130 x 210 mm
Edition: Softcover
ISBN: 9789462264052
Year: 2021
Photography: Myra de Rooy
Publisher: DATO
Design: Lecturis

Author Myra de Rooy meets a group of eight Tibetan ex-political prisoners, people who stood up against the Chinese occupation of their country. Their life stories are deeply moving. These people show courage and resilience, and their testimonials shine a light on the recent history of Tibet, in the shadow of Chinese rule. The main protagonists of this book cannot return to their country. Myra de Rooy visits their homes and talks to their families in Tibet. Her visits to Lhasa and her journeys to small villages, nomad tents, monasteries and nunneries bring the stories of these refugees to life.

Windhorse House is not just a fascinating travelogue but it also paints a shocking picture of Tibet today.

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