about us

Lecturis is publisher of remarkable books with imprints Lecturis, DATO and Citrus.

publishing past and present

Lecturis was founded in 1922 as a publishing company. In 1940, printing became its primary activity and in 2010 Lecturis began publishing books again. Books about art, design, photography and cultural history with an outstanding quality in design, printing and finishing. The books are being distributed in the Netherlands and around the world.

Since 2015 Lecturis is a publisher with three imprints: Lecturis, DATO and Citrus. Books by Lecturis have a focus on art, (graphic) design and photography. Books by DATO have a cultural historical character but also sports and life style books are part of this imprint. Citrus started in the summer of 2019 as an imprint with books about cooking.

New Book Collective is the sales representative for bookshops in the Netherlands and Flanders (newbookcollective.nl), and Idea Books Amsterdam (www.ideabooks.nl)  for international distribution. 

Publishing idea?:
Feel free to get in contact with us in case you have a publishing idea. We will review the information we receive to see what the possibilities are to turn an idea into reality.

Our brochures with upcoming books and the backlist of recent titles: