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Transformation Strijp-S


Thanks to Housing Corporation Trudo and around one hundred creative minds  Strijp-S has gained its own unique identity.

Author(s): Thom Aussems, Hans Horsten
Appeared on: March 21th 2018
Language: Dutch and English
Pages: 624
Size: 240 x 300 mm
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789462262775
Year: 2018
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Scherpontwerp

From Philips industrial area all the way to creative heart of the city of Eindhoven (Brainport region): This is the result of a fascinating and complex metropolitan transformation. Strijp-S was Philips’ largest industrial area (27 hectares). It was home to the first glass factory and also the NatLab, the acclaimed Philips research centre. Ten thousand people worked there and felt an inner connection with the terrain adjacent to the railway line. They were proud of buildings like the Hoge Rug, the NatLab and the Klokgebouw, of the special products that were made there over a period of ninety years thanks to their sweat, hard work and ingenuity.

The first plans for the area, made after Philips had announced it wanted to sell, included words like ‘Agronica’, ‘high tech favela’, ‘groene wig’, ‘Park Strijp’ and ‘Supervillage’.

In 2003, Housing Corporation Trudo felt unerringly that the Brainport region had a significant need for a metropolitan area. Together with around one hundred creative minds, and with lots of trial and error, this new area has gained its own unique identity, with optimal use of its industrial heritage.

The writers guarantee a special book.

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