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To be Frank


Author(s): Frank van Driel
Expected on: December 9th 2021
Language: English
Pages: 304
Size: 300 x 375 mm
Edition: hardcover
ISBN: 9789462264274
Year: 2021
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Studio TokTok / Annemiek Dilven

Frank’s still lifes, the nudes, the  portraits and self-portraits and visual expressions  are all here in his first monograph. They show the imprint of his traditional Dutch roots through beauty and decay. All this done in his signature style Dutch daylight.
This publication is a unique mix of art photography, Frank’s view on the art of perception, his passion and the story behind his work.

Frank considers himself a visual artist with a strong affinity with the past while living in the present. His contemporary works often have a melancholy feel about them. They tell you something about the maker and as you’re getting to know him and reading more about the background of the photos, you’ll start looking more closely and discover the layering in his work.

That is why I feel a strong connection with the Dutch/ Flemish painters of the past. They are my cultural heritage. Painters like Willem Claesz. Clara Peeters, Pieter Claesz. and Willem Kalf all told their personal stories and so do I.’

Frank van Driel was born in the city of Leiden, birthplace of Rembrandt, in the Netherlands. After taking an MBA programme at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, majoring in change management, he worked for KMPG consulting. But in 2002, he made a 180-degree career switch when he picked up his camera again, this time professionally.
Since 2014, he has focused entirely on art photography with great success. He is invited to participate in many photo exhibitions and art fairs. Frank exhibits his work in major cities around the world – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, London, Karlsruhe and Hong Kong.

This book is a collection of more than one hundred of his most beautiful images. It invites you to accompany him on an inspirational journey connecting the past, the present and the future. It will shed light on the hidden layers and thoughts to be found in his oeuvre.

To be frank is a beautiful overview of Van Driels oeuvre, Frank as a photographer, artist but above all as a human, living life with empathy, wonderment and an inquiring mind.




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