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The Mullet Atlas

The Hague - The Netherlands


Since 2011, the photographers Daniel Heikens and Rein Langeveld have been collaborating with designer Joost Nijhuis on a project about “De Haagse mat”. Capturing men with this iconic Hague hairstyle started as a hobby but quickly got out of hand.

Author(s): Daniel Heikens, Rein Langeveld & Joost Nijhuis
Appeared on: June 1th 2021
Language: Dutch, English
Pages: 256
Size: 240 x 300 mm
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789462264120
Year: 2021
Photography: Daniel Heikens & Rein Langeveld
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Joost Nijhuis

In the period 2011-2019, the photographers Daniel Heikens (Delft, 1980) and Rein Langeveld (The Hague, 1979) photographed a large number of men with a mullet ‘mat’ hairstyle in their hometown The Hague. Their enthousiasm together with the fascination of designer Joost Nijhuis (The Hague, 1980) of cultural phenomena and movements, the idea for a photo book was born. It had to be a collection of men with the mullet hairstyle, designed like a true atlas, including geographical maps, pictograms and statistics based on interviews with the gentlemen. A so called Matlas.

During their research into the phenomenon “the mat” (English: mullet, Flemish: neck carpet or neck spoiler), the guys noticed that the mat is worn all over the world and often for a reason. In the Masai, for example, men wear a mat to show that they are still looking for a partner. In our western culture, the hairstyle often has an anarchic appearance. It is therefore the aim of the creative trio the Dutch / Hague Matlas to be the starting shot for a series that will visit all continents.