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The Book of Happiness and Sadness


The Book of Happiness and Sadness is Irina Birger’s first monograph.

Author(s): Irina Birger, Katia Krupennikova
Appeared on: 26 mei 2019
Language: Engels
Pages: 176
Size: 220 x 311 mm
Edition: paperback, otabind met flappen
ISBN: 9789462263239
Year: 2019
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Rimini Berlin

The Book of Happiness and Sadness is Irina Birger’s first monograph. The publication contains numerous text-based drawings from the artist’s diary of words, forms and colors, as well as photographs of her exhibitions and performances. The Book of Happiness and Sadness presents the act of drawing as a self-contemplative study, and aims to provoke a similar contemplation in the viewer.

Graphic designer Franziska Morlok from studio Rimini Berlin created a publication with a strong presence, accentuating Birger’s work.

Independent curator Katia Krupennikova wrote an essay for the monograph, which examines Birger’s work in connection with significant dilemmas in today’s society, such as the group versus individualism and interdependency.

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