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In his series #Streetlogic Jeroen Arians records how public spaces are claimed by people that leave their everyday objects in it.

Author(s): Jeroen Arians
Appeared on: September 18th 2020
Language: Dutch
Pages: 292
Size: 120 x 165 mm
ISBN: 9789462262010
Year: 2020
Photography: Jeroen Arians
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Kristin Metho

We live in a strictly organized society, but the street belongs to everyone. Or not to anyone? In his series #Streetlogic, Jeroen Arians documents how public space is claimed by the people who leave their everyday objects in it. Without knowing it, they are the creators of temporary spectacles of perfect beauty. Sometimes unreal, sometimes absurd or witty. The moment is over as soon as the collection service makes its rounds around the town/city or an interested person takes the things with them.

In his work Arians seeks a balance between the theatrical and the realistic. He photographs situations he finds on the street. Arians does not take the everyday environment for granted. In our strictly organized society, the Rotterdam local photographer looks for situations that he experiences as unreal, absurd or sometimes witty. By documenting the objects he finds on location, Arians emphasizes the beauty of coincidence and the surreal. His photos show how a selection of everyday objects can turn into a temporary spectacle of perfect beauty.

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