Secret Garden


Marc Mulders has captured the landscape around his studio.

Author(s): Marc Mulders
Language: Dutch
Pages: 104
Size: 300 x 210 mm
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-94-6226-083-2
Edition: First impression
Year: 2014
Photography: Marc Mulders
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Scherpontwerp


This photo book is a sequel to Baest: geheim landschap (Baest: secret landscape) (2010). Once again, Marc Mulders has captured the landscape around his studio. The core of the photos this time is the floral splendour of the fields. The forest there has recently become home to the nature cemetery Bos van de Heilige Geest (Forest of the Holy Spirit). The Grote Akker (Large Field), the artist’s outdoor workshop, is a unique location in Brabant. Forest, grain and flowers; the world that is visible and yet at the same time oh so mysterious in all its spheres of light, has been photographed in the morning light or with the backlight of late afternoon, and captured on canvas with a transparent, diffused palette.

Marc Mulders (1958) is a Dutch artist, watercolour painter, photographer and glass artist.
He is primarily known for his oil paintings in which he follows the course of nature. In recent years Mulders has focused more on the creation of stained-glass windows. The most famous of these are the windows of the Nieuwe Kerk (Amsterdam) and the Sint-Janskathedraal in Den Bosch.

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