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Remember Me

Drawings on Paper 2008 - 2021


Author(s): Cathalijn Wouters, Nicole Ex
Appeared on: June 1th 2022
Language: English
Pages: 72
Size: 300 x 355 mm
Edition: hardcover
ISBN: 9789462264373
Year: 2022
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Maurits Wouters

Cathalijn Wouters’ drawings are much more than just ink on paper. Famous for the powerful universal emotions expressed in what is seemingly a single black line, her technique always serves the narrative, while her artistic identity remains instantly recognisable.

Following earlier books (Beyond Reality and Independent) Remember Me is her first book exclusively dedicated to her drawings. Even more than in her neo-impressionistic oil paintings or her series of conceptual narrative works of mixed techniques, drawings are the pre-eminent medium for Wouters in her quest to arrive at a more profound insight into the human condition and find the answer to the impossible question of what it means to be a human being.

The wide-ranging and versatile work of visual artist Cathalijn Wouters (Tilburg, NL, 1955) is characterised by a passion for human life in all its manifestations. A constant element in her work is the natural use of her feminine intuition combined with her constant wonder about and eventual understanding of how body and mind can relate to both the self and the other. In her studio Wouters works with models to study the form and language of the human body, but the many female figures that are the subject of her drawings quite often reflect her own emotions. Life and death, love and intimacy, Eros and Thanatos. Wouters presents a very individual and intriguing view of the classical themes in visual art, philosophy, and psychology.

With a foreword by Nicole Ex, editor-in-chief of See All This art magazine, Remember Me presents a balanced series of drawings from the period 2008-2022, an artistically productive time in Wouters’ life during which her work reached maturity and her development was recognised in several exhibitions in New York, Shanghai, Ghent and elsewhere.

Cathalijn Wouters lives in Baarn and has her studio in Amsterdam.


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