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Plattegrond Eindhoven 1941 koker


Reprint of the city map, a Lecturis edition from 1941.

Language: Dutch
Size: 670 x 810 mm
Edition: Map
Year: 1941 - 2015
Publisher: Lecturis

In 1922 Lecturis started publishing the city map of Eindhoven. Lecturis reissues 2 versions: the 2nd edition of 1925 and the 7th edition of 1941. The maps have a different character: the one from 1925 shows the city in fresh colors with the still remaining characteristic star shape of villages stuck together that is now Eindhoven. The 1941 version has a sober color (ink was a scarce commodity during the war years). The current city is already more recognizable on this map.

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Weight 2001 g