Out of office
Art treasures from companies


A historic art overview of 75 years of Dutch art from company collections

Author(s): Edo Dijksterhuis, Catharien Romijn
Appeared on: December 15th 2018
Language: Dutch and English
Pages: 160
Size: 245 x 270 mm
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789462262997
Year: 2018
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Studio Berry Slok

Art works from various Dutch companies will swap their trusted places in offices and companies this autumn for a place in a museum. From December, Singer Laren offers a historic art overview of 75 years of Dutch art from company collections, with as central theme ‘encounters’ between modern art after 1945 and contemporary art.

The book accompanying the exhibition, Out of office. Art Treasures from companies, is the first book in which post-war Dutch art is presented by making connections between old and new. We see the interaction and the dynamic between the art works, the artists, between the canon who turned the art world upside down and the youngest generation that does not work in isolation but is indebted to its predecessors. An example: the theme ‘engagement and expression’ provides interaction between Karel Appel, Tanja Ritterbex, Ger Lataster, Lucebert, Carel Visser, Ronald Zuurmond, Anton Rooskens, Gé-Karel van der Sterren, André Volten, Constant, Wessel Couzijn, Shinkichi Tajiri and David Bade.

Out of office is an indispensable addition to the bookshelf of every lover of Dutch modern and contemporary art.

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