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Nono Reinhold


An artist book by Nono Reinhold. Bookdesign by Wim Crouwel.

Author(s): Edy de Wilde en Andrea Müller-Schirmer
Language: Dutch-English-French
Pages: 264
Size: 295 x 225 mm
Edition: Gebonden
ISBN: 978-94-6226-014-6
Year: 2013
Photography: Peter Cox
Publisher: Lecturis en Peter Foolen Editions
Design: Wim Crouwel En Remco Crouwel

An artist book by printmaker Nono Reinhold, born in Haarlem (Holland) in 1929.
An overview of her etchings she’s made since 1954. During the 1950s Paris was still the prime center for the visual arts. Then Nono moved to New York and in she returned to Amsterdam in 1963.

International contacts and travels have been a major part of her life.
Her vivid etchings are distinguished by powerful colors in a tangible relief and, apart from the beauty of their workmanship, manage to intrigue the eye due to the abstraction of subjects represented.

In the book, the etchings are interspersed with poems by Jean-Clarence Lambert, Lucebert, Bert Schierbeek and Simon Vinkenoog.

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