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Mode van A tot Z

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A real must-have for all fashion freaks: from the A of accessories to the Z of ‘zzz’, the dream that is fashion.

Author(s): Piet Paris & Georgette Koning
Language: Dutch
Pages: 60
Size: 210 x 270 mm
ISBN: 978-90-70108-00-7
Year: 2011
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Piet Paris & Scherpontwerp


Piet Paris illustrates the essence of 26 fashion concepts such as glamour, elegance and haute couture. Georgette Koning provides a witty and incisive explanation to accompany each illustration.

The A of Accessories explains why, according to Prada, bags sell better than dresses. The P of Paris describes why Paris has been a fashion metropolis since the seventeenth century and just what cookies have to do with this. The K makes a pointed analysis of the fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld.

All texts are illustrated with a letter. The letters embellish not only the text, but also stand as illustrations in their own right. And those familiar with Piet Paris’ famous illustrations will know that they are true fashion artworks. The E of Elegance thus also provides a graceful reference to the fashion illustrator Gruau who worked for Christian Dior for many years. The Y with the famous graphic Mondrian dress is presented by Piet Paris as a homage to the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

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