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Mijn Noord (‘My North’)


Author(s): Jaap van den Beukel and Christian de Bruijn (editor)
Expected on: December 2023
Language: Dutch and English
Pages: 200
Size: 215 x 285 mm
Edition: hardcover
ISBN: 9789462265042
Year: 2023
Photography: Jaap van den Beukel
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Mathildestudios

Photographer Jaap van den Beukel shows a snapshot of the Amsterdam Tuindorp Nieuwendam district in the photo and story book MIJN NOORD.
Photographer and filmmaker Jaap van den Beukel approached more than 100 residents on the street in the Tuindorp Nieuwendam district in Amsterdam Noord. Of these, he has portrayed more than 75 people in their own environment.
“I was inspired by the stories of these residents, but also touched by their openness and hospitality. At first, time seems to stand still in this neighborhood, but due to the shift from social rental to owner-occupied housing, changes are indeed taking place behind the facades and the older Northerner is gradually being replaced by a new generation of residents. Through the many conversations, its own architecture, the environment with mobility scooters, Cantas, tricycles and many pets, I became more and more intertwined with this neighborhood and that is how I discovered “Mijn Noord”.”

Last summer, Van den Beukel’s outdoor exhibition traveled through Amsterdam. In addition to the web documentary, the book is now also being published. In addition to photography, this also contains stories about the special encounters with the residents.

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