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Ik puber.



Author(s): Ellen Martens, Door Fransen, Rutger Leistra, Gerlof Leistra
Language: Dutch
Pages: 176
Size: 140 x 195 mm
Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9789462261891
Year: 2016
Photography: Ellen Martens
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Marc Koppen / Scherpontwerp

Adolescents struggle with a tricky image. If anything is said or written about them, it is usually in relation to problems. ‘Ik puber. (I’m in puberty.)’ shows that the world of the adolescent is far more multifaceted. In ‘I’m in puberty.’ adolescents speak for themselves. Furthermore, they are depicted in all shapes and sizes without judgement.

What is striking is just how resilient these young people are in their attitude to life, often despite the situation in which they find themselves. This makes a lasting impression.

Photographer Ellen Martens uses her camera to capture the moment when an adolescent lets down their guard, allowing us a glimpse inside. In the interviews they are given the chance to tell their stories. Image and text combine to give an impression of the adolescents of today, of their families, friends, love lives, finances, music, appearance, status, sadness, ideals, future, and so on.

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