Artefact nr. 953 – Gapingen van mijn geest / Gaps in my mind


Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind has a separate status in the oeuvre of Hans Klein Hofmeijer.

Author(s): Hans Klein Hofmeijer
Expected on: April 2018
Language: Dutch
Pages: 432
Size: 180 x 240 mm
Edition: hardcover with fully handcrafted cover
ISBN: 9789462262737
Year: 2018
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Mark van den Eijnden


Hans Klein Hofmeijer had consequently numbered his artworks since 1979. After almost forty years he is approaching the thousandth ‘artefact’. The publication Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind has a separate status in his oeuvre. Colleague-artists, photographs, former museum directors, art historians, collectors, a scientist, gallery owner/curator, designer and a poet react to the work of Hans Klein Hofmeijer. In a personal way they provide insight into the oeuvre of Klein Hofmeijer. In a layered, organic way it also becomes clear who Hans Klein Hofmeijer is as an artist and a man. Artefact no. 953 – Gaps in my mind is above all a silent force. One by one, the viewers and readers discover what is hidden behind the visible. The handy book challenges to ‘look inward’ and wonder, free of judgment.

Texts by Frans Budé, Hilde Van Canneyt, Gerrit Damhuis, Frank Demarest, dré didderiëns, Henk Dorlandt, Fik van Gestel, Loek Grootjans, Peter van Hekke, Hans Klein Hofmeijer, Mieke Klein Hofmeijer, George Meertens, Rebecca Nelemans, Joseph Sassoon Semah, Rob Smolders en Rick Vercauteren.

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