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Gewoon Goed / Just Good

Your buying guide for a better world


A book for everyone who wants to contribute to the world by shopping more consciously.

Author(s): Karen Kammeraat
Appeared on: April 2019
Language: Dutch
Pages: 160
Size: 140 x 215 mm
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789462263192
Year: 2019
Publisher: DATO
Design: Marjolein Rams en Michiel van Heeswijk

How great would it be if we lived in a world in which people, environment and economy were in balance and the Earth’s resources were not being unnecessarily exhausted. Such a sustainable existence is translated in this book as a ‘better world’. A book for everyone who wants to contribute to such a world by shopping more consciously. But where can you find the products that contribute to a better world, and how can you recognise them? This buying guide has the answers.

The Just Good buying guide offers you an easily accessible way of learning about all kinds of different products and shows you what the alternatives are. Because for every product, there is a sustainable alternative!

Karen Kammeraat has been searching for sustainable products for 25 years. These products have to be fun, delicious and affordable and buying them has to be achievable in our busy daily lives. She is by no means perfect when it comes to shopping and doing groceries, and she does not even believe this is possible. If each of us makes a small contribution, together we can make a big difference. Are you in?

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