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Eindhoven en de city

Een debatgeschiedenis (1900 - 2000)


Author(s): René Erven
Appeared on: April 7th. 2024
Language: Dutch
Pages: 356
Size: 170 x 240 mm
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789462265073
Year: 2024
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Lecturis

Eindhoven has undergone a remarkable urban development. In a century, the small-scale city center of the originally medieval town transformed into a modern city, featuring attractive department stores, tall office buildings, and wide roads. These urban changes did not occur without debate; they sparked considerable discussion. For example, the presentation of the Cityplan was followed by “furious outbursts, harsh accusations, and fervently defended opinions,” as the Eindhovens Dagblad wrote in 1969.
But there was more. Poems were written, songs composed, cartoons drawn, and walls were more than once smeared with protest slogans. This colorful debate about the city is the theme of this book.
René Erven investigates how the major urban changes took shape and how they were subsequently received by the people of Eindhoven.

René Erven is the coordinator of the Eindhoven Architecture Centre and has organized numerous debates on the urban development of Eindhoven over the past 15 years.

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