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Dry Goods & Groceries

Book with CD


‘Dry Goods & Groceries’ is a project by singer-songwriter JW Roy as musician and curator.

Author(s): JW Roy, Femke Hoogland
Language: Dutch
Pages: 160
Size: 170 x 240 mm
Edition: Bound with integrated CD
ISBN: 978-94-6226-151-8
Year: 2015
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Femke Hoogland

Dry Goods & Groceries is a project by singer-songwriter JW Roy. Roy was working on his first English-language album in ten years and this time did much more than just the songs on a disc in a plastic box. So he made together with Femke Hoogland (Soigneur magazine) the plan for a ‘Album Book’. A book with the cover sunk his new CD.
Americana and roots music is the focus within this book. The stories are about the craft and its poetry. The new songs inspired the contents of the book, and vice versa. One time the link between book and album is obvious, other times there is a story in the book itself. Writer Bert van der Kamp (OOR magazine) on one of the first musical loves of JW Roy, Townes van Zandt, and the CD has a number of these poetic “outlaw.” Leon Verdonschot wrote the song Drive and in the book are two stories of his hand.

For the book Roy asked several writers if they wanted to join Dry Goods & Groceries. The result is a book full of stories about cherished and forgotten singer-songwriters, historical sites, characters that the music gave a face. A road trip. Places & faces. Outlaws & legends. True stories and dreams. A program that feels like a dinner with good friends. A long table filled with good people, full of great stories and great music. Sheaves are called: Leon Verdonschot, Geert Hendrickx, Jan Donkers, Sander Donkers, Frédérique Spigt, Johan Derksen, Nico Dijkshoorn Mart Smeets, Cok van Vuuren, Tim Knol, Freek de Jonge and Bert Wagendorp.

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