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Dit huis is een thuis / This house is a home

Opgroeien in een multicultureel adoptie- of pleeggezin


Dit huis is een thuis is a book for adoptive and foster children and all those involved in adoption or foster care

Author(s): Femmie Juffer, Lindy Popma, Monique Steenstra
Appeared on: 1 november 2019
Language: Nederlands
Pages: 160
Size: 170 x 217 mm
Edition: paperback op 120 g/m2 Houtvrij Offset
ISBN: 97894622633505
Year: 2019
Photography: Lilian van Rooij
Publisher: DATO
Design: Scherpontwerp

There are lots of multicultural adoptive and foster families in the Netherlands. These are families with adopted children from other countries (China or South Africa, for example) living in a white adoptive family or, in terms of foster care, children with a migration background who often cannot be placed in a foster home or family home with the same cultural background.

This house is a home uses 16 interviews to give a voice to young people with different ethnic backgrounds growing up with white adoptive families of with foster parents and thus form a multicultural adoptive or foster family. They have different cultural backgrounds (foster care) and countries of origin (adoption). In word and image, it makes visible who these young people are and how they see themselves. How do they experience their cultural identity? To what extent do they feel connected with the culture of their adoptive or foster parents and to what extent with the culture of their biological parents or country of origin? And what is it like to grow up with two cultures? Do they experience discrimination, positive or negative? Femmie Juffer has written a substantive chapter on these topics.

This house is a home is a book for (young adult) adopted and foster children, (aspirant) adoptive and foster family parents and all those who are involved with adoption or foster care through their study or profession. The book can be used as preparation or guidance for adoption and foster parents, but also in the (additional) schooling of adoption and foster care workers, childcare professionals and students of child welfare.

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