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De Meester en de Reus

Origineel filmscript door Johan van der Keuken


Author(s): Willem van Zoetendaal
Appeared on: April 28th 2023
Language: Dutch, English, French
Pages: 48 pages Dutch + 2x48 pages translation (French en English)
Size: 235 x 330 mm
Edition: notebook stitch
ISBN: 9789462264687
Year: 2023
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Willem van Zoetendaal

The publication is an integrally edited film script (completely drawn storyboard with handwritten and typed text) for the film De Meester en de Reus by Johan van der Keuken. The booklet stitch-bound book comprises 48 pages and has a reduced French version and an English version in the dust jacket so that an international audience can read the Dutch script.

The Master and the Giant (1980, 70 minutes) Is a film between documentary and fiction, on the theme of the rivalry that comes with creating: one god creates the earth and another destroys it to make it another better world . In this film myth and reality come together and two different worlds are shown: on the one hand that of a man and a woman in a derelict neighborhood in Amsterdam and on the other hand life deep in the Tunisian desert.

The film (1980), camera and director Johan van der Keuken, was made in collaboration with Claude Menard. Sound Menno Euwe and Noshka van der Lely and music by Willem Breuker. Production by The Movies Filmproduction.

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