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Boer doet leven




Author(s): Berno Strootman, Caspar Janssen, Jantien de Boer
Appeared on: 14 september 2022 (reprint)
Language: Dutch
Pages: 304
Size: 155 x 240 mm
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789462262522
Year: 2020 first edition, 2022 second edition
Photography: Harry Cock, Sarah Wong
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Lopezlab Amsterdam

Dutch agriculture is at a turning point. More and more people realize that things really have to be done differently: more sustainable, with more attention to biodiversity, animal welfare and the landscape. The call for agriculture that carefully deals with the quality of water, soil and air is growing.

Many farmers are willing to participate in this development, but are part of a complex system that makes change difficult. However, there are already pioneers all over our country who show that it is possible. Innovators who not only produce food but also have an attractive landscape.

These landscape farmers have the main focus in this book. Twenty farmers, photographed in the landscapes they produce, tell their positive, hopeful and inspiring story. They are pioneers who give flowery field margins, hedgerows, hedges and hedges a role in their business operations. With plenty of opportunities for insects, birds and people.

The Dutch landscape may have been stripped down mainly under the influence of intensive agriculture, but these farmers show how beautiful it can become again. The farmer of the future already exists!

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