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over het leven van Audrey Hepburn


Author(s): Chiara Pasqualetti Johnson
Appeared on: 23 september 2022
Language: Dutch
Pages: 224
Size: 237 x 280 mm
Edition: hardcover
ISBN: 9789462264427
Year: 2022
Publisher: DATO
Design: Maria Cucchi, Marc Koppen ontwerp.

Born in Brussels, raised in Arnhem and her career started in London. Audrey Hepburn conquered the world, but it didn’t happen by itself. A father who left the family, the war that left a mark on her childhood and a dance career that didn’t work out well.

This book is the story of the intense life she led. From early steps on the theater stage to a role model in the film world of the 1950s. From mother of two sons to Unicef ​​ambassador for many children. She did all this under the motto: “Giving is life. When you stop giving, there is nothing left to live for.”

Audrey managed to preserve her own authenticity, fighting for a life where she was just happy. She was emotional, courageous, delicate and romantic. Just like she was in the movies she starred in.

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