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Antwerpse Velden

incl. DVD with the film Fields of Antwerp


Photobook of the Antwerp amateur football scene.

Author(s): Hans van der Meer, Jan Mulder
Language: Dutch
Pages: 96
Size: 290 x 215 mm
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-94-6226-130-3
Year: 2015
Photography: Hans van der Meer
Publisher: Lecturis
Design: Steef Liefting

In 2013 Antwerp was ‘European city of Sport’. For the MAS and Antwerp Sport city, this was reason enough to initiate an amateur football project. Photographer Hans van der Meer was commissioned to create eight large panorama photos to be displayed in the light boxes, measuring three by ten metres, that can be found on every floor of the promenade in the MAS. At the request of the museum he also created a series of portraits to represent the many nationalities of the multicultural city of Antwerp. Over a period of ten weeks, Van der Meer worked with a team of three assistants on the project, whereby he not only photographed, but also acted as director. Furthermore, Hans van der Meer used his familiar style from Flemish Fields (2000) to create a film portraying humorous observations of the Antwerp amateur football scene.

Just as with the successful Fields of Holland (1998) Jan Mulder wrote a text, in this case about his memories of the Bosuil stadium and the professional football scene in Antwerp in the sixties. The book Fields of Antwerp, includes the likenamed film.


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