Eye Love You


The reprint of the first book by Ed van der Elsken completely in colour.

Author(s): Ed van der Elsken
Language: Dutch, with translations in English and French
Pages: 160
Size: 240 x 300 mm
Edition: Gebonden
ISBN: 978-94-6226-181-5
Year: 2016
Photography: Ed van der Elsken
Publisher: Uitgeverij Lecturis
Design: Dick de Moei


The first book by Ed van der Elsken completely in colour, based predominantly on his travels for the magazine Avenue, was released in 1977. The starting point for this book was love, particularly the love between man and woman as it exists all over the world. Halfway though, the focus changed and became the struggle for existence that men and women experience in solidarity (or as individual). The humanity and commitment that characterise Van der Elsken’s work remain fascinating and baffling, which is why this publication deserves to be reprinted.

Just as with the book Amsterdam!, all original slides have been cleaned, scanned and meticulously edited using a new technique developed by the restoration studio of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. This reprint presents Van der Elsken’s work in the best quality.

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